When it comes to patient care, pharmacies are often the last point of contact for patients when being discharged from hospital. As dispensaries of medicine, they may be giving out medicine that is overprescribed, contraindicated, or at the incorrect dosage.

Medication errors cost the Australian community $1.4 billion a year (according to Pharmaceutical Society of Australia research) with an average of 60% of all hospital discharge summaries in which pharmacists were not directly involved, patients will encounter at least one medication error, with some reported national averages as high as six errors per patient.

Administering Home Medicine Reviews through your practice is another way to open a revenue stream under the Sixth Community Pharmacy Agreement (6CPA).

Home Medicine Reviews, also known as Domiciliary Medication Management Reviews (DMMR) and Residential Medication Review (RMMR) for aged care facilities. Pharmacists that are party to the 6CPA and accept and abide by the HMR program rules may conduct HMRs, pending Pharmacy Guild approval.

Together with local GPs and other specialists, your pharmacy can gain Home Medicine Review referrals under the program. Post-discharge or at a follow-up, a GP with South Australian Home Medicine Review’s accreditation software installed in their patient management application, GPs and clinics can streamline HMR referrals to your pharmacy.

Participating in the HMR service can prove to be a reliable income source for pharmacies. HMRs commissions can supplement incomes in the face of shrinking PBS benefits and pressure from “big box” pharmacies undercutting over-the-counter sales margins. Participation in a local SAHMR referrals system can ensure loyalty to your pharmacy.

This forms a team-oriented approach to patient wellbeing, ensuring a coordinated effort when it comes to prescribing medications and reducing rehospitalisation.

Under the scheme, rural or regional pharmacies may be eligible for additional commissions or allowances.


HMRs create a community of care around patients – a single doctor and pharmacy working together to prevent duplication or mismanagement of medications. This has been shown to inspire patient loyalty and community trust in your business.

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