With an ever-increasing number of medical professionals assisting in patient care, GPs remain the focal point for post-hospital care and follow-ups.

GP clinics are the first contact point for patients once discharged from hospital. As research by the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA) suggests, three in five hospital discharge summaries in which pharmacists were not involved will have at least one medication error.

Home Medicine Reviews, also known as Domiciliary Medication Management Reviews (DMMR) and Residential Medication Review (RMMR) for aged care facilities aim to maximise an individual patient’s benefit from their medications using a coordinated, team-oriented approach.

DMMR/RMMRs are underused in Australia, despite being available to patients at no additional cost. This required a GP to refer a patient to an accredited pharmacist to arrange the in-home or in-facility consultations.

HMRs are an often-overlooked revenue stream for clinics, which you may charge to Medicare. There is no additional cost incurred by the patient.

With SAHMR, using state-of-the-art, secure software that integrates with patient management systems. GPs can refer to local accredited HMR providers with the click of a mouse or touch of a button. This drastically reduces time required to refer patients to Home Medicine Reviews.

The software provides an instant, paperless referral; it’s an all-inclusive approach to referring patients to HMRs. This significantly cuts down on waiting time and administration costs.

Accredited HMR pharmacists travel to a patient’s home or aged care facility to review prescriptions and dosages to prevent an adverse reaction. The HMR also conducts tutorials on dosing and using specialised medical equipment. Both ensure the patient is administering their medications correctly.

In collaboration with an accredited pharmacist, you as a GP can agree on a medication management plan with your patients. This lends confidence in their post-operative or post-hospital care.

Payments for DMMR and RMMR are available under the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) which opens a new stream of revenue into your clinic without additional costs to your patient.


South Australia Home Medicine Reviews are the leading provider of HMR accreditation software that integrates seamlessly into your software. SAHMR installs software that instantly refers patients to local HMR providers, cutting down on administration time and increasing value to your patients.

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