If you are a patient, or a carer for a patient who has recently discharged from hospital or requires constant care for chronic conditions, there is as high as three in five chance that at least one of your medications are incorrectly prescribed after discharge from hospital [ – p. 12] .This can lead to complications such as adverse reactions and rehospitalisation.

As a patient, you are eligible for a Home Medicine Review conducted by a licenced and accredited pharmacist.

A Home Medicine Review is an appointment in which a pharmacist visits your home or aged care facility and conducts a comprehensive review and inventory of your medications, to ensure You are taking the correct dosages
If different medications are mixing in adverse ways, and to report this to your GP to readjust your prescriptions
Your medications are working as they should, e.g. some medications pass through the kidneys and may not be effective in patients suffering from renal problems
Your medical equipment is being used correctly
Consultations are maximising the benefit from your healthcare team.

The Home Medicine Review is an underused program in Australia that is available to GPs and pharmacies under Medicare. There is no additional cost for patients to access this scheme. It’s convenient and in most cases, prevent complications and rehospitalisation arising from adverse pharmaceutical reactions.

Your GP can refer you to accredited pharmacists using software installed by South Australia Home Medicine Reviews. It integrates into their current management applications and gives you the peace of mind that a pharmacist will visit your home or the residence of a loved one to conduct a Home Medicine Review.