Comprehensive home medicine reviews enhancing patient wellbeing

According to the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia, 250,000 hospital admissions around Australia are caused by medication-related problems, costing the community a combined $1.4 billion. (PSA: January 2019)


By the time a Home Medicine Review is conducted, one in five people have suffered a medication reaction – 1.2 million Australians over the last six months.

Home Medicine Reviews enhance the quality of patient care and prevent adverse medication events. South Australia’s own Home Medicine Reviews delivers maximum benefit to the community by providing a streamlined and easy referral system connecting GP Clinics, pharmacies, and patients with an accredited Home Medicine Review provider. SAHMR not only provides one-on-one reviews, but helps reduce community costs, and allows GPs and clinics to take advantage of an underused bulk billed service.

A comprehensive in-home review service and quality review gives at-risk patients the confidence that their medications are not causing ill side-effects and other complications. This reduces double-ups, incompatible mixtures, and other medication mismanagement that can lead to re-hospitalisation.

Team collaboration

When health care professionals are not communicating effectively, patient safety is at risk for several reasons: lack of critical information, misinterpretation of information, unclear orders over the telephone, and overlooked changes in status

At SAHMRs we believe collaboration is essential for optimal patient health outcomes. Accredited HMR pharmacists travel to a patient’s home or aged care facility to review prescriptions and dosages to prevent an adverse reaction. This information is relayed to the patient’s GP who is at the centre of the patient’s care. This process safeguards the patient, minimising any medication-related harm, reducing adverse effects and hospitalisation.

Integrated, safe and secure referrals

GPs and specialists can refer patients to accredited HMRs in their existing patient management software and arrange appointments on the spot. Works with leading patient management systems. Enable instant bulk billing using the Medicare Benefits Schedule.

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