General Practitioners


SAHMR is built on a vision and purpose to enhance patient care and streamline referrals to Home Medicine Reviews through use of innovative software. This software integrates into leading patient management systems.

Using secure servers, referrals are sent to accredited pharmacists who can conduct HMRs without additional administration, paperwork, or duplicate prescriptions. 

In one system, the HMR referral is also billed to the doctor or practice under the Medicare Benefits Scheme. HMR is a service part of the Sixth Community Pharmacy Agreement, which oversees the renumeration for pharmacies under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS); it also has a provision for Home Medicine Reviews.


According to the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia, 250,000 hospital admissions are caused by adverse reactions or dosages of medications. An additional 400,000 presentations to emergency departments are also medication related. 90% of patients also experience one medication related problem post-discharge from hospital. 80% of aged care residents are potentially prescribed inappropriate medicines.

This costs Australians a combined $1.4 billion per year. Half of these incidents are preventable. 

The Home Medicine Reviews initiative, also known as the Domiciliary Medication Management Reviews, is a program designed to assist consumers to better manage their medications.

In a study by the PSA, Home Medicine Reviews identify as many as six errors per patient post-discharge from hospital. These errors can lead to re-hospitalisation and adverse reactions.

HMRs empower patients with tailored information about their medications, uses, and dosages, designed to provide peace of mind. It also facilitates working relationships between members of their health care team such as nurses, GPs, and specialists.